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Virtual School Workshops



Ready, Set, Build!

This year we are bringing to robots to your classroom in a whole new way!  We have developed a fantastic in-school experience for you and your students, providing everything you need to have a fun, engaging, hands-on experience.    Our virtual school workshops include everything you need from equipment and technology, resources and workbooks to our online virtual instructors and exclusive support throughout the day.

Our workshops bring Computational Thinking to life and not only that; they are all mapped to the curriculum so you can be sure your students are actively learning while 'playing' with LEGO!  

Initially, our Virtual School Workshops will be available for Third to Sixth class with a Transition Year workshop available later this year and Jr Infants to Second Class in early 2021.



Robots are the next BIG thing! Over 65% of today's children will be employed in jobs that don't exist yet. Introducing children to robotics is an essential step in preparing them for the future.    

Over the course of our workshop, students will build robots to take on real-world challenges. Creating physical and digital solutions, developing computational thinking skills and much more children will be engaged in a truly fun and hands one learning experience.


Our Virtual LEGO Robotics Workshop enables children to discover Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in a fun, engaging and hands-on way. Working with the latest LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 kits, students will be introduced to the world of robotics by building and programming robots to complete various challenges. 

Key Learning Values:  Learn how to work with simple machines using gears, levers, pulleys and transmission of motion.  Develop scientific enquiry skills.  Discover the Engineering Design Process.  Investigate and work through observation, reasoning, prediction, reflection and critical thinking



The ability to communicate with technology is just as important as the ability to communicate with each other.  Learning to Code will give children the ability to communicate with technology. 

Throughout our workshops, children will bring their creations to life and discover the power of coding. Using simple drag and drop interfaces that can create powerful and sophisticated algorithms children will carry out specific tasks, developing workflow skills, learning about logic, loops, switches, blocks and more.

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