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Generally we say if your child is starting 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th class in September 2020 our Online Robotics Camp will be suitable for them.

Your child may need some assistence logging into our daily Zoom Call and accessing our online videos.  Our platform is quite simple to use and once logged in your child should be able to navigate their way through the videos as required.  

Other than this your child should be well able to complete the daily challenges themselves.

We will inspect returned kits each Friday and assuming all is in order we will process deposits the same afternoon.  The deposit will be refunded to the credit/debit card used to make the booking.  It usually takes 5-7 working days for it to show on your statement.

On the final day of camp all participants will be required to check through all of the pieces in the LEGO Education Robotics kit.  We have a video that will show them how to do this in the most effecient manner and should take around 15 mins.

Parents will be required to sign a check sheet to confirm all of the parts are in the kit.  We do have an allowance for a few missing pieces but should a high number of pieces or components be missing or the kit not being checked this may result in either only a partial deposit refund or no deposit refund.  We would only seek to charge for missing pieces.

Our tablets come in hard wearing cases with screen protectors but like all technology they are susceptible to damage from drops and spillages.  Should a tablet be returned with highly noticable damage (ie. cracked screen) this would result in your deposit not being returned.

We collect the equipment from all participants on Thursday afternoon.  On Friday morning we check over all equipment, sanitize the tablets and pack everything for participants starting the camp on Monday morning.

This enables us to have everything packed up, sealed and untouched for 72hrs.  This is the WHO recommended timeframe for the lifespan of Covid-19 on plastics/hard surfaces.

Our LEGO Robotics kits will be used on a week on/week off basis. This means that the kit your child will be using will not have been touched by anyone for at least nine days. WHO guidelines state that Covid-19 can survive on plastic for up to 72hrs.

By leaving kits sealed for over 200hrs, we can be sure they will be self sterilised.  
All kits will also be checked and cleaned before being sealed for this period, ensuring their cleanliness.

Our tablets will be sterilised each Thursday evening and sealed for at least 72hrs before your child begins to use them on Monday morning.

The areas within the Green border on the map below can avail of our online robotics camp.  Should you live just outside this border please contact us before booking and we will do our best to accomodate you.

At present we are unable to offer our online camp outside of this area as we will currently be hand delivering all of the equipment ourselves. 

We have developed a blended approach to our online camp?  Below will give you an idea as to how the days will be structured.



Day Activity

9 -10.30am - Delivery of Equipment

11-11.30am - Zoom Session

11.30 - 2/3pm - Participant engages in daily challenge using a mix of  printed worksheets and accessing our online videos.


10-11.30am - Zoom Session

11.30 - 2pm - Participant engages in daily challenge using a mix of printed worksheets and accessing our online videos.


10-11.30am - Zoom Session

11.30 - 2pm - Participant engages in daily challenge using a mix of printed worksheets and accessing our online videos.


10-11.30am - Zoom Session

11.30 - 2pm - Participant engages in daily challenge using a mix of printed worksheets and accessing our online videos.

2pm - Final Zoom Session to wrap up week and sort out kit.

2.30 - 4pm - Collection of Equipment


With the content and challenges we have developed we would expect children to be engaged for around 3-4hrs per day of the camp.  We of course can't guarantee this as every child is unqiue.

Your child will require access to a laptop or tablet to take part in our Zoom sessions and access our online videos.

As part of the camp, we will supply you with our LEGO Education robotics kit and a tablet running the coding software. We will also provide printed worksheets and guides. As a parent, you can WhatsApp or call our team throughout the week for any assistance as required.

Your child may need access to additional materials such as a ruler, measuring tape, pens, paper etc. (general arts and crafts materials basically)

Generally we recommend that children be placed in the age groups that we have set out. There are of course exceptions to these age groups, if you feel your child is better suited to the next age group you can call us on 01 5240004 and we will be able to discuss further.

At present it is not possible to do this via the website, this must be done manually by email. There is a fee of €5 for changing date/location. Please send an email to info@learnit.ie quoting your order number and your preferred date/location. A change can only be made if there is availability on/at the requested date/location.

Yes, it is possible to cancel your order. For camps: Cancellations made up to 14 days before the start of camp obtain a full refund less €5 booking fee. Cancellations made between 14 - 2 days before the start of a camp obtain a 50% refund. Cancellations made with 48hrs before the start of a camp are not entitled to a refund. For Workshops: Cancellations made prior to 48hrs before the start of a workshop are entitled to a full refund less €5 booking fee. Cancellations made within 48hrs of the start of a workshop and not entitled to a refund. For Birthday/Corporate Workshops: A deposit of 10% is required for a Birthday/Corporate Workshop. This deposit is none refundable.

Afraid not! We will be launching our online store soon where you will be able to purchase LEGO Education kits and merchandise.

Learn it Educational Solutions Ltd. T/A Learn it are the providers of LEGO Education services in Ireland.

LEGO® Education has been creating solutions for kindergartens and classrooms for 30 years. The skills and techniques that the LEGO System for Learning embodies meet many of the needs of 21st century learners. LEGO Education solutions enable students to be active, creative and collaborative solution-seekers. In this way their instinct to learn is stimulated, and they are motivated to apply their learning in new contexts, which means that they embark on a self-directed learning process. We call this being ‘LEGO Smart™’. LEGO Smart students use LEGO bricks and digital tools to solve problems creatively and to excel at working with others and thinking critically. By working in this way, they develop their understanding and ability to retain knowledge of key curriculum concepts, and therefore do well in school and on high-stakes tests. The focus of education and the role of educators are changing. Twentyfirst century learning is about providing children with opportunities to experiment with their surroundings as a form of problem solving. It is about creativity and collaboration, motivation and self-direction. It is about improvisation and discovery, and interacting with meaningful tools that expand mental capacities. New technology; computers, digital information and online communication, are helping to expand the way we acquire and use knowledge, and this too is paving the way for more dynamic and effective teaching and learning experiences.

You can watch this instructional video on how to make a booking.

Yes, you will see a "join waiting list" button if a service is full. By joining the list you will be contacted in the event of a place becoming available. Waiting lists work on a first come first served basis. At this time it is not possible to check your place on a waiting list. In the even of a place becoming available we will contact people on our waiting lists. Generally very few places becoming available for our summer camps. If we find that there is a large volume of customers on a waiting list for a certain venue we generally tend to add an extra date to meet demand.
Yes, we offer a 5% discount for bookings of 2+ children on the same workshop/camp. This discount is automatically applied upon checking out.
We are currently developing an online store and gift vouchers will be available. We hope to have this online by November.
It is possible to pay by Cheque/Postal order but there is an admin charge of €5 in order to process these payments. Our online booking system is extremely secure and our payments our processed by Realex, Irelands No.1 Online payment service provider. Pre-paid credit cards are widely available via local shops/post offices and can be used with our booking system.
Yes, all of our staff our Garda Vetted. Many of our staff work in the childcare industry and as such are Garda Vetted. Still, we Garda Vett every new member of staff we take on.
Unfortunately at present we do not offer classes/camps for children under the age of 5yrs.
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