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Primary School Workshops



Ready, Set, Build!

Are you looking to engage your students in a fun, hands-on, engaging School Workshop? Well, you have come to the right place! At Learnit, we have developed a fantastic in-school experience for you and your students, providing everything you need to have a fun, engaging, hands-on experience.  Our school workshops include everything you need from equipment and technology, resources and workbooks to our leading facilitators and coordinators.

Our workshops complement the S.T.E.M, S.E.S.E. and Maths curriculum in a fun and engaging way. Our workshops enable students to exercise scientific inquiry skills through direct hand-on science, maths, engineering & technology (S.T.E.M.) activities. We bring Computational Thinking to life, and not only that, all of our workshops are mapped to the curriculum so you can be sure your students are actively learning while 'playing' with LEGO!  

Students will practice and develop skills using LEGO Education resources to predict, estimate, observe, measure, and record investigations. Every student that participates in our workshops will get plenty of hands-on time with the LEGO Education kits. Typically 80% of each session is spent designing, building & experimenting. We offer a range of engineering and robotics-based workshops that cover a wide range of subjects.

Our expert S.T.E.M Advisors will assist you with tailoring your workshop by activity type, group size and age, to suit your school's particular requirements. We will work with you to create the best possible workshop for your school.

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LEGO School STEM Workshop

Whole School Workshops

Here at Learnit, we can provide a whole-school approach for our workshops. From Junior Infants to Sixth Class, we use a wide range of age-appropriate resources.  Infants, early primary and upper primary will all engage in hands-on LEGO Education resources specifically designed for their age and ability. We only use the latest resources and technology to bring STEM to life for your students.

Whether it's discovering STEM through creative play or igniting curiosity in the world of robotics, our workshops deliver on all fronts. 

LEGO School Workshop

Full Day Single Class Experience

Are you looking to engage your class in a day of STEM they will never forget?  Our full-day range of Engineering and Robotics workshops are the perfect treat for your students and an excellent alternative to a school tour!

With up to four hours of hands-on engagement, our workshops provide an in-depth experience into the world of engineering and robotics.  Your students will discover the Engineering Design process, Pseudocode, core Mechanical principles, Creative Design, Problem Solving, Collaboration and much more.


LEGO School Workshop

STEM in a Box

STEM in a Box is our all in one, pre-packed STEM workshop. Delivered either face to face or remotely (enabling anyone to engage in our workshop!), our STEM in a Box workshop will ignite your student's curiosity in STEM. Designed for 2nd - 6th class students, our STEM in a Box workshop provides a full set of resources for your class to engage in STEM.

AND best of all!?! You get to keep the resources!!!  Yes, our unique STEM in a Box workshop gives you an entire class set of LEGO Education resources for you to keep in school or gift to your students. It's the ultimate workshop to celebrate a year well done with your students.

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