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Events & Family Days

Here at Learnit we are renound for our range of services for Events, Family Days and Festivals.  Over the years we have been proud to work on a wide range of events.  Working with top companies such as Facebook, Google, Intel, Mastercard, Paypal, RTE and organisers such as The Festival of Curiosity, Engineers Week, Science Foundation Ireland.

We have run workshops for Corporate Family Days, a wide range of Festivals, Product Launches, Christmas Parties, Summer BBQ's and much more.

We can provide a wide range of workshops to suit your event.  We tailor all of our services to suit your event in order to meet your requirements.  Having run such a wide range of events from fields to marquees to historical buildings and even a train carraige we can advise you on a range of options that will best suit your event.

To find out more about what we can do you please fill in the enquiry form below.  To find out about the latest event's we've been working on please visit our Blog.



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